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Wet Your Whistle Wine RatingNEW to Foodie Frolics! Now go no further than here to read about the best affordable Turkish wines and see how they are rated on the FF Wet Your Whistle Wine Rating chart.

The WYW Wine Rating can always be found here for you to refer to. New wine reviews will have the cork rating underneath but without the numeric rating, so check back here at the FF Wet Your Whistle Wine Rating for more information.

Since my arrival in Istanbul I’ve been on the quest to find drinkable, good quality and affordable Turkish wines.

My initial meeting with Angora wine as the readily available wine to drink (especially by the glass) forced me to quickly get some wine knowledge to avoid the horrendous headaches it inflicted the day after let alone the lack of enjoyment I obtained from drinking it.

Actually it was this experience that inspired my 1/2 a cork rating, because truly, the base level Angora in my opinion, does not even deserve a rating of 1 cork, hence the 1/2 cork rating.

After starting my wine research, by attending various Turkish Wine tastings around town, dining out and talking to food and wine aficionados, I can honestly say that I rarely drink any other wine here in Istanbul, than the ones produced in Turkey. There is simply no need to search for your ‘fav’ International wine, because in general, you won’t find it here.

The alcohol taxes are high here, so my quest has been to find the best quality wines for affordable prices. No one should need to pay exorbitant amounts to enjoy wine, with a meal or on its own.

I can happily say I have many favourite Turkish wines from all the different grape varietals; international grape varieties  and grapes indigenous to Turkey. I have my preferred producers, best wine shops to purchase wines and ‘must-have’ wine related gadgets.

Stay tuned here each week or month (depending on my discoveries) to find out my wine ‘favs’ and suggestions.

What does this all mean?

Let me explain the WYW Wine Ratings one by one:

1/2 Cork: Cheap or not so cheap wine with sub-standard quality. Generally this kind of wine has a ‘non-wine’ diabolical nose, is high in acidity and low in any acceptable flavour, many flaws.

1 Cork: Barely acceptable for the price and is difficult to enjoy because of it’s flaws.

2 Corks: Drinkable wines that exhibit some good qualities both in bouquet and taste.

3 Corks: Very good wines, perhaps having received a wine medal or two. Very fragrant and a pleasant aroma with an equally enjoyable character.

4 Corks: Excellent style and character, award winning! You want to go back for more and it doesn’t break your bank balance!

5+ WOW!: Wine in this category really blows you away with it’s distinct quality and exceptional taste and has been recognised internationally with several wine awards.

Note: In order for FF to select a wine for the WOW! rating it will also have to be a good affordable price. A special note will go next the ‘fab’ wines that are on the expensive side 5+ $.


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