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Wednesday 29th April, 2015:Anzac Biscuits

Aussie Baking in Istanbul-

On the back of an exciting week, Foodie Frolics reflects on baking Top Aussie bites for the Australian PM and dignitaries.

Let The Baking Begin!

With a request from the Australian Consul General’s wife to make some authentic Aussie bites for visiting officials in Istanbul prior to the Anzac Day commemorative services, Foodie Frolics set out to find the ultimate recipe to do her country proud.

Aunty On Hand

First stop, my best baking Aunt, Aunty Gail, supplied me with her Anzac Golden SyrupBiscuit recipe. Luckily there was a stash of Golden Syrup in the Foodie Frolics kitchen. This product is made through the process of refining sugar cane to become inverted sugar (splitting sucrose into glucose & fructose which is less prone to crystallisation) and is the key ingredient to making a flat, crispy and slightly chewy Anzac biscuit.

Anzac Bickies, The History

There are many theories around the origin of this biscuit, but the story that the wives, girlfriends and mothers of soldiers during World War I baked these nutritious biscuits to send in food parcels (metal tins) to Aussie troops overseas seems a likely tale. Originally called Soldier’s Biscuits they were to become known as Anzacs after the battle in Gallipoli. The golden syrup or treacle was used to bind the biscuits together instead of eggs, which were scarce during wartime.

The Perfect Biscuit

Balls of doughWith confidence in Aunty Gail’s recipe, Foodie Frolics embarked on a sample batch of Anzacs. To the delight of my Aussie taste testers, it seemed I had a hit on my hands here in da ‘Bul. “The ANZAC’s are crunchy, light, thin & the golden syrup is nostalgic” exclaimed Bev. ” The next batch was for 50 officials so with the toughest critics approval, Foodie Frolics began baking.

The Other Top Aussie BiteFF Lamingtons

After nearly 6 years in Istanbul, one forgets simple pleasures from the homeland. So when asked to add Lamingtons to the Australia Consulate event, Foodie Frolics was excited to brush up on the lamington’s history and reminisce about the lamington charity drives of childhood in country Victoria.

The Origins of Lamingtons

The story I’m most fond of comes from Government House in Queensland. It’s believed that the kitchen had leftover stale French sponge cake and Lord Lamington’s French cook accidentally dropped the cake in chocolate and it was later discovered that rolling it in coconut would revive the cake and make it more edible. At the time (from 1896-1901) the Governor of Queensland Charles Cochrane-Baille, 2nd Baron Lamington disliked the lamington. However, everyone else loved them.

Big or Small?

CoconutA great lamington is soft in the centre with a sugary, chocolaty and coconutty exterior. The Foodie Frolics kitchen opened its doors to two Aussie and two Turkish taste testers. From the experts to the novices, the lamingtons brought back childhood memories of spongy lamington and created new taste sensations. “Good well structuredTaste Testing Team
Lamingtons with a good weight” said Aussie Leeann Murphy, Moon Travel and Freelance Writer. Newbie lamington tasters Berrin and Fatih were surprised by the sweet and soft bite of our fare lamington! Medium-large sized Lammies and mini ones were experimented with to adapt to the occasion at the Consulate.

Done and Dusted!FF Packaging

With my key chocolate icing juggler Berrin and as master coconut jiggler we completed the final coating of 25 large and 110 mini lamingtons the night before the official event. With all the baking completed, thanks must go to Nicole & Lino for the opportunity, to
Aunty Gail for her recipes and to my chief taste testers, Bev, Leeann, Fatih and chocolate juggler Berrin.

All Boxed Up

After a prior visit to box and packaging heaven, Eminönü, everything was boxed up in Foodie Frolics colours sealed with Foodie Frolics stickers and delivered to the Consulate ready for their afternoon tea.


So What Does The Aussie PM & Foodie Frolics Have In Common?Aussie Baking

Foodie Frolics Anzac Biscuits & Lamingtons,
                          OF COURSE!

Tony Abbott and other officials munched on these Foodie Frolics Top Aussie Bites on April 23rd, 2015!


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  • alistair

    I got to taste them in the flesh so to speak – superb. Should have had them with vegemite on toast (with haloumi cheese) at MOC in Nishantisi.

    • Yes you did Aussie. Glad you liked them both. Anzac Biscuits and Lamingtons with vegemite on toast, not sure about that! Ha!