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Tuesday 10th June, 2014…

Fresh steakFoodie Frolics Steak Challenge:

Don’t know which cuts of meat are what in Turkey? Which cuts can you fry in the pan? How can I cook my steak so it’s tender? These questions were the inspiration for the first Foodie Frolics Steak Night, Steak Challenge No.1.

Not being a ‘slab of meat’ eater, I decided it was time to brave the streets and find a butcher who could help me find the right cuts of meat to take home to cook. With my trusty friend John in tow to help with translations, off we went on our beef quest!Steak Resting

I found a good butcher locally and sourced what looked like some fine Turkish beef. But the proof would be in the cooking.

For this first steak challenge there were 3 contenders.

  1. Lokum Bonfile– Tenderloin/Sirloin steak
  2. Antrikot– Entrécote in French/Rib-eye in English
  3. Dana Biftek– Thigh

From these three different cuts, several different thicknesses were used.

With a little help from Heston Blumenthal and my trusty guinea pigs John and Eric, the first Foodie Frolics Steak Night was born!

Medium Rare Steak


The Verdict:

(Drum roll please…)

1st place– The Lokum Bonfile (2cm & 2.5cm) Now I know why it’s called Lokum, the texture was as soft as Turkish Lokum (Turkish delight.)

2nd place– Antrikot/Entrecote/Rib-eye 1.5 cm steak

3rd place– Antrikot/Entrecote/Rib-eye 2.5 cm steak

4th place– Biftek 3cm steak (this cut would be better cooked another way.)


Pairing with steak:

And, what side dishes did I pair with these tender steaks?

Garlic potato mash, caramelised onions, balsamic rosemary roasted beetroot and grilled asparagus. The steak was topped with a creamy peppercorn sauce.Pepper Steak

Want to know more? Well, Foodie Frolics steak night is for you.

Come along and watch as your steak is cooked to your liking.  Enjoy your steak meal with a selection of seasonal sides and go home with some secret tips on how to cook your own steak perfectly.

Send a message to sally@foodiefrolics.com for more info and to book your place at the next Foodie Frolics Steak Night.


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  • Well this little guinea pig went all the way home screaming ‘more please’. The Lokum Bonfile was outstanding and served truly ‘bleu’ exactly as ordered.
    Finding a place that will serve a steak with a cold raw centre is not so easy in Istanbul. But in the high stakes (yes, that’s a pun) game of haute cuisine, Foodie Frolics came up trumps once again. And it didn’t stop there. The pepper sauce also came out exactly as ordered – not so peppery as to smother, and lip smackingly creamy. Thanks again Sally for a real treat of an evening – further funned up with two great movie choices and excellent wine and spirits to match the mood. Looking forward to your next event. Cheers! JD

    • Thanks John. You are most welcome. I’m glad FF could serve up your order to your liking, blue and creamy! See you at the next one.