Foodie Frolics releases it’s NEW Resto Rating Kebab.


FF Resto Rating


CHECK OUT the Foodie Frolics Resto Rating Kebab! Voila!

In order to give the best information on local Restaurants and Cafés Foodie Frolics has devised its own Resto Rating Chart to help you understand the quality of each establishment.

This Resto Rating can always be found here if you need to refer to it after reading a Restaurant or Café review.

Restaurants and Cafés are rated on a scale from ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY because food can of course range in quality and taste from these extremes. As the Kebab gets more food added it, this means the quality of the Restaurant is increasing, getting higher.

Of course sometimes, the eatery you choose disappoints so the broken kebab is an easy symbol to recognise an avoid!

This Resto Rating follows the FF theme of helping you see food differently. We help you take your own food from Ordinary to Extraordinary. So why not expect this from the restaurants about town.

When a new food review is posted, scan to the bottom to view the FF Resto Rating. Gradually all previously posted reviews will be re-rated with this scale. Check back regularly for individually restaurant ratings.

For those not familiar with the Turkish language, ‘Tamam’ is a word readily heard and used in everyday conversations. Quite literally it means ‘ok’, but as all visitors who come to Turkey know, it is much more adaptable to ‘yes’, ‘I understand’ and much more.

Other features to come will include Google Maps to help you find FF recommended restaurants and eateries in Istanbul and beyond. Stay tuned for more.

Why not let us know what you think of the NEW Resto Rating? You can add your comments below.


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