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Venetian Nino Franco Prosecco:

Nino Franco 2009I spend a very special Birthday in Venice in 2009. One of the best parts of my trip was a private wine tour with Context Walking Tours organised by ‘sista’ Ali, where I met a new friend…Prosecco! The very first bottle I tried was ‘be-headed’ by a sword wilding Venetian in celebration of my Birthday. Not being much of a champagne drinker, I was surprised at how moderate the bubbles were. This diminished fizziness compared to Champagne tickled my fancy and the balance of dry versus sweet was delightful. We went on to drink more Prosecco on this trip and a couple of bottles of Nino Franco Rustico slipped into my bag from the Duty Free shop.

It is with an element of excitement that I anticipated the opening of my final bottle of Nino Franco Prosecco, exactly five years after our first introduction back in Venice. Chilled and ready to pop, the cork slipped out with ease and I was pleased to find that the contents hadn’t been affected by my cellaring. That first fresh, smooth and fizzy mouthful was just a memorable as years before, a well balanced dryness/sweetness and gorgeously satisfying.

The pairing, influenced by my Istanbul surroundings was initially with organic Turkish lokum (Turkish Delight.) Morsels of pomegranate and pistachio coated with burberries on one and mini balls of chocolate on the other. Organic lokum is not as sweet as commercially bought Turkish Delight and was a match made in heaven with the light fresh fizz of the Prosecco.

The Verdict:

4 1/2 Cork rating 5+Cork Rating
4 1/2 corks- 5 corks on the WYW (Wet Your Whistle) Rating.




Food Pairings:

This adaptable wine can be paired with savoury starters and desserts. Think prosciutto and melon or asparagus tarts or even a roquette salad with pecorino and balsamic vinaigrette.  I prefer pairing Prosecco with desserts than sweet wines because it is much easier to match due to it’s lower level of sweetness. Bitter chocolate desserts garnished with fruit such as raspberries or blueberries, or citrus tarts with fruit and cream are just a few suggestions to combine with Prosecco.


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