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Home Cooking and Catering for you!

Don’t have time to prepare a dinner party for your work colleagues of friends? Do you want some scrumptious ‘fusion’ starters and finger food for 10-30 people to suit a variety of international palates?

Let Sally take care of all your ‘foodie’ event needs and reduce your preparation anxiety. We are all so busy with our work and family lives that often food preparation is put to the wayside. With the ease of websites like Yemeksepiti here in Turkey, it is too easy to just pop on the internet and order take away every night! But a healthy lifestyle that includes tasty and healthy options is essential to living a long life whilst enjoying the food you are consuming.

Personalised Home Cooking and Catering consultations will involve discussion of your event needs, menu requirements, colour themes, music playlists and the minute details you do not have time for or have not even thought about. Personalised petite soirées are what I can organise for you!

Don’t have any confidence when it comes to cooking at home? Maybe you are lacking some basic techniques and also need some simple and delicious recipes that don’t take hours to prepare? Have you been to a cooking class and then tried to cook the recipes at home without success? How would you feel about learning to cook in your own kitchen, without all the ‘top notch’ equipment? Let me come to you, bring the recipe, all the ingredients and walk you through step by step to the completion of a wonderful meal. Perhaps you don’t have a great kitchen at home. Then come to the Foodie Frolics kitchen where we will build your cooking self confidence unlike before. Email and get started with your home cooking and catering questions for me.


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