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Wine Tasting Event- Don’t Miss It!

Sommeliers’ Selection 2018

Was it only just a few short weeks ago that Foodie Frolics attempted to taste 190+ labels of Turkish wines from 40+ wineries at Gustobar’s Sommeliers’ Selection 2018? Well it’s almost time to gear up the wine tasting palate again for the next event on Gustobar’s wine events calendar, the second Challenging Masterclasses event. This time MW (Master of Wine) Madeleine Stenwreth and Wine Critic/Writer Oz Clarke will be front and centre in the wine guru seats.

Challenging Masterclass

CMC 2018

On the weekend of April 7-8, Gustobar will host this wine event, reportedly boasting a showing of 35+ Turkish wineries and at least 140 wines at the Walk Around Tasting, at the Marmara Hotel in Taksim. This concept is a great way to showcase the Wines of Turkey and give producers the chance to introduce their wines to wine industry professionals and the public. Even if you only enjoy a drop of wine, becoming more informed about Turkish indigenous grapes and what makes a quality award winning wine, are not only essential to your overall wine enjoyment, but to your understanding of international wine culture, and support of the local wine industry here in Turkey.

“When in Turkey, drink Turkish wine!”

Gustobar is becoming the king of the wine tasting calendar here in Istanbul, nothing short of fabulous news for this FF wine connoisseur and creator of food and wine pairings.

FF Wine Tasting Strategy

Note TakingHow does one even contemplate the daunting task of tasting this much wine in a two-day period? For a Master Sommelier (MS) or a Master of Wine (MW) it is simply another day at the office but for a part-time wine connoisseur it’s a different story. The Foodie Frolics strategy is, to start with the whites, rosés and then onto the reds and only taste the wines and wineries that are new and unfamiliar. This way, additions to already gained wine knowledge can be made, and a greater understanding of the varietals and winemaking techniques can be discussed with each winery representative. Likewise, sharing your opinions with others and discussing you’re thoughts on the aromas, tastes and finish of each wine is the whole point of drinking wine, ‘the sharing part.’

The first Challenging Masterclasses 2017- The Format

Last year in August, the first Challenging Masterclasses event with MW (Master of Wine) Caro Maurer andCaro & Oz 2017 Wine Critic/Writer Oz Clarke was a huge success. The format of each master class allows the audience to taste the 24 wines selected in a blind tasting with the judges and listen to these experts’ thoughts about each wine. Their tasting notes are shared and each wine is discussed and awarded a score out of 100. Both experts reach a consensus on the final points for each wine, these points referring to an internationally grading system. “We try to judge the quality of the wine to make it comprehensible for you and the market.” CM. “All we want to do is find good wines, be objective and judge them fairly.” OC.

CMC 2017Audience Participation

Another feature of each wine master class is the chance for audience members to ask the experts questions they may have about each of the wines. This interaction is unique and many relevant issues can be put forward, demystified or refuted in the quest for increased knowledge and understanding about varietals, balance, fermentation, oak barrel toasting and much more.


Wine Lovers- The Walk Around Tasting (WAT)

Walk Around Tasting Event

Have you ever stood in front of the Wine section of the supermarket and looked blankly at all the wines on the selves not knowing what to choose? Do you know the differences between the Turkish indigenous Öküzgözü, Boğazkere or Kalecik Karası grape varietals? Or are you unfamiliar with the differences between the international grapes Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz/Syrah? In either case, wander around the WAT and taste to your hearts content. Note down your favourites in the funky notebook supplied by Gustobar and next time you are in the supermarket, leave the Chilean Frontera Wine on the shelf in lieu of a local Turkish wine. A little bit of knowledge is a gold mine!

How To Sign Up To This Gustobar EventInphinity Design

Punica Sadece Nar

So if you haven’t got your tickets yet for the Challenging Masterclasses and/or the Walk Around Tasting, go directly to the Gustobar link and book yourself a date with the best wine event on the yearly calendar. There are also some food producers on site for you to sample their wares. Companies such as Salted, Punica Sadece Nar, and Urban Bread set up stalls at the last Gustobar event – the Sommeliers’ Selection 2018, as well as Inphinity Design with wooden wine bottle holders and cheese boards.

Other Alternative EventsFF Wine Tasting Events

Private Food & Wine Pairing Events with Foodie Frolics

Not available in April or would you like a more intimate private event planned for you? Then let Foodie Frolics plan a private personalised evening for you. A three wine tasting flight will be chosen and food pairings prepared to compliment each wine. Add in some friendly and non-threatening wine education and a presentation with minimal wine ‘jargon’ used to explain the wine, and you have a pleasant way to hang out with your friends in a private setting. Select the Turkish Wine 101 event if you are a beginner to wine or if you have some knowledge, let Foodie Frolics tailor an event to suit your needs and desires.

Ongoing wine education is the key to learning more and enjoying wine to the max. Why not also support the developing Turkish Wine Industry during your sojourn here in Turkey!


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