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Foodie News and Reviews!

You will find restaurants suggestions, Turkish wine tips and product reviews plus much much more. Feel free to search the archives and add comments to any review you desire. Your comments will keep me abreast of your thoughts and ideas for future reviews.

Are you new to Istanbul and want some local foodie advice about where to go to eat great food and drink fabulous Turkish Wine? Then look through Foodie News & Reviews and find a café, resto or wine bar that is worthy of your visit. From Ottoman food of the past to fusion food and traditional Turkish food, go no further than Foodie Frolics.

With a vast array of restaurants, lokantas, meyhanes, cafés, soup kitchens, kebab and pide places to choose from, how will you know what is good? When you only have a few days or a week getting some local advice can be the difference between having a good experience or a fantastic one. Avoid the trial and error and start your holiday on a high and keep it there for the whole trip. Read through the list of articles in Foodie News & Reviews and see what the foodies who live here consider the most scrumptious places to dine.

Don’t forget to read the Testimonial page and see what other people thought of the Foodie Frolics services. Start your introduction to Istanbul with a personally designed tour to orient you with the city and guide you to more than just the usual tourist attractions. Quickly learn the public transport system and avoid the traffic jams in taxis. Explore the backstreets, the graffiti, the small eateries and the history that was Constantinople and now exciting Istanbul. Contact sally@foodiefrolics.com and discuss your holiday needs and foodie passions so you can make the best of your time on holidays.