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Makaron Olive Oil

With a warm and inviting ambience, the Delicatessen in Nişantaşı was a welcome stop last Friday night. Having heard about it before, I was excited to be dining here finally.

With all tables reserved it was the bar stools for us. As we looked around at the wooden plates of cheese and charcuterie on other tables (yes I saw prosciutto) I knew what I wanted and pined for. We decided on a ‘karaşık’ (mixed) cheese and charcuterie plate and proceeded to choose three portions of each.

Makaron Oil

While waiting for our order to come we were presented with a bowl of olive oil with tomatoes swimming in it and two mini baguettes of fresh bread. From the crispy snap of the baguette as it was torn apart to the first dipping, the olive oil was nothing short of amazing, delicious! The tomato wasn’t bad either, fragrant and tasty.I asked some questions and found out that the oil was called Makaron from the North Aegean Region where Edremit meets the Kozak mountains. Here the olives are hand picked and the oil cold pressed to keep the aroma, flavour and quality. I knew I had discovered my new favourite oil to buy upon departure.

As I perused the wine list, it was pleasing to see so many good quality Turkish wines on offer by the bottle, be they a little pricey; Pendore, Sevilen, Côtes d’Avanos, even a drop of Italian Prosecco.  Since we were just after a glass, the Montes Chilean Merlot was the appropriate choice from the 3 glasses available to compliment our food, despite my personal rule for only drinking Turkish wine in Turkey. More Turkish choices per glass would be an improvement.

Charcuterie plateWhen the first of our two plates arrived the charcuterie (roast beef, prosciutto and dried beef our choices) looked fantastic including some wholemeal slices of bread chunked up with nuts and a small pot of caramelised onions.

Cheese plate

The cheese platter didn’t disappoint either with equally fine presentation on its wooden board. The keçi (goat) Emmental, eski (aged) Gouda and le fromage bleu, our choices, were sitting next to more yummy bread and some apricot conserve. Like the foodie that I am, I proceded to taste each of the ingredients and mixed and matched them together. Finally I settled on two of my favourite combinations. Firstly, olive oil dipped bread with a smear of caramelised onions and some roast beef topped with gouda. My second ‘fav’ was again some soaked bread with prosciutto and goats Emmental. The interspersed sips of red wine completed the delicious experience.

As we finished out meal I perused the menu again to think about my choice for the next visit. The waitress then presented us with a freshly baked morsel of cinnamon bun, hot from the oven. A lasting taste of the sweet pastry was just what we needed, although a little light on the cinnamon for my liking!

With our tummies full ‘up to pussy’s bow’ we paid and were ready to leave, but not without the obligatory visit downstairs. As we discovered, the cosy room below had the tables adorned with plates of what we had just eaten, waiting for the guests with reservations. Note to self: A perfect secluded dining room for a future birthday party or small private dinner of special friends or guests.

I know that I will be back, to eat a meal for either, breakfast, lunch or dinner or to buy some take home goodies from the Provedore. For us Westerners, pork lovers and fans of Provedore café/resto type establishments, a few more of these would be welcomed here in Istanbul.

The Verdict:

On the Resto Rating Scale, I give it a BIG 4 out of 5-Mouth Watering.

Mouth Watering Rating 4




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