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Chateau Nuzun Syrah 2008Pop it before it’s too late! – Chateau Nuzun Syrah 2008:

I’ve been waiting to pop the cork on this bottle for a while. With two bottles in my wine stash, it was time to see what time had done for this red. I picked up my two bottles from the Tekirdağ winery a few years ago, back in 2011. I was hoping that I hadn’t left the bottle too long because six years is quite a long time for Turkish wine to age, without losing some of its original finesse and flair. Chateau Nuzun HarvestAfter a quick question to Necdet Uzun the owner of Chateau Nuzun via Facebook, he suggested it was definitely time to open my bottle of Chateau Nuzun Syrah.

With my fancy favourite tire-bouchon in hand, the extraction of the cork was flawless however on inspection the wine had seeped half way down the cork,Overworked Cork hence this ‘baby was ready for drinking!’ As instructed by Necdet, I poured the wine into a decanter and swished it around for five minutes then left it for 45 minutes initially.

The Verdict:

With a beautiful deep red hue, the wine exhibited notes of chocolate, blackberries and a slight pepperiness. After more than an hour Decanter itdecanting, the wine smoothed out considerably to produce a well-balanced medium bodied wine. A deeply satisfying and pleasurable wine and a nice change from the heavy 14% Turkish reds and rosés I’ve been tasting lately. Beware of the sediment in the bottom. For me, it is worthy of 4 1/2 corks on the WYW (Wet Your Whistle) Rating.

4 1/2 Cork rating

Cost: I purchased mine in 2011 for 49TL but today expect to pay up to 60TL depending on the supplier.

Where to buy it: The 2008 vintage is a little difficult to find now. Go directly to Chateau Nuzun or you can try Sensus Wine Bar, Le Cave Cihangir,  Solera Wine Bar or Online Mahzen (outlets in Nişantaşı, Ataşehir,, Göktürk or Çiftehavuzlar.)

Aubergine & Potato CurryFood Pairings:

I paired this wine with an Aubergine and Potato Curry, not too spicy. The wine didn’t over power the curry and visa versa. It also worked very well with Ayvalık olives. Likewise, it even teamed up nicely with something slightly sweet, with my favourite organic lokum-pomegranate, pistachio Turkish Delight covered in chocolate balls.



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