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Meyzen Şarap Evi

Boutique Wine Bar Ambience:

Tucked in the bustling backstreets of Beşiktaş is Meyzen Şarap Evi, an unassuming boutique wine bar, I discovered a couple of weeks ago.Cork detail Beer and football come to mind here in Beşiktaş , not wine! After I quickly perused the wines available I made a note to come back ASAP and try it out.

Unfortunately my first attempt to check this place out was foiled due to it being closed on Sundays, but I headed back there on Tuesday night with a drinking partner in tow.

Invited in by the low-key Jazz music, it’s the small details that contribute to Meyzen’s warming and inviting ambience. These include the decorative wooden strip through the centre of the parquet floors, Parquet decorationthe hanging corks both in the front window and at the bathroom entry, and the Art Nouveau Mucha style muralMucha style mural with awned lights on the main side wall. Even the bathrooms are designed tastefully with Turkish tiles and other colourful glass to spruce up the windows.

Arranged with four tables inside and two larger tables or four small outside there is just enough space to enjoy your privacy and still feel the energy around you. One large table sits upstairs, perfect for an intimate gathering of friends.

With a surprisingly good selection of wine, it was nice to see the ‘usual suspects’ the conglomerates DLC and Kavakledere
in short supply. I was also happy to see wines I haven’t tried, like the award winning Château Kalpak BBK, Nif Bağları, Wineand Vina Dessera. ChandelierWith approximately 30 wineries represented and at reasonable prices, I was finally in a wine bar where I could select a bottle of what I wanted to drink without the heafty mark up restaurants put on their bottles.

Since it was a warm evening I chose the Suvla 2012 Kınalı Yapıcak, one of my summer ‘favs’ for my friend who was yet to sample this crisp and refreshing wine. At just 48TL it was a steal for outside dining!Bathroom colour

A few more represented by boutique wineries such at Château Nuzun and Bozcaada’s Çamlibağ would be welcomed.

There are six wines by the glass available, two of each white/rosé/red. I was unfamiliar with the Gordias Kalecik Karası Rosé and the Arra Saranda Cab Sav-Merlot-Boğazkere but happy to see the Turasin Emir, which is a lovely summer wine to quench your thirst, as the weather gets warmer. Time will tell as I get back to taste a few glasses.

I can’t vouch for the food as I didn’t eat, but my friend was satisfied with his fettuccine bolognaise. There is a range of Peynirler-Cheese, from Tulum to Gouda, Mimolete and Danish Blue, either ordered separately or as a mixed plate (8-19TL.) Likewise you can select a charcuterie (Şarküteri) plate (25TL) with dried Beef (Pastirma), Dana Bacon (no pork), and Roast Beef with smoked dill. Or for 22TL you can try a mix of both.

Patterned floorCold starters include Smoked Salmon (12TL), Grilled Artichokes (10TL) and Goats Cheese and Avocado (10TL.) The hot plates include Köfte, Tempura Prawns & Vegetables (Karides Sebze Tempura-21TL), Mini Böreks & Hamburgers and Mantı (Turkish Pasta-12TL.) Four salads and pastas are available from 12-15TL and five
main dishes are on offer (18-25TL) all meat dishes. Meyzen CaveUnfortunately there is not much for vegetarians and not a lot of creative selections for gourmet foodies such as myself. However, I will report back when I’ve sampled the Yemeklar! (food.)

The Verdict:

Since this is a wine bar and I didn’t taste the food I’m going to use the  WYW (Wet Your Whistle) Rating rather than use the FF Resto Rating Kebab and give Meyzen four-corks. The range of wines is very good and the overall experience was relaxing and comfortable. The food could top up the rating a notch or perhaps lower it. More visits are needed…. so only time will tell.

4 Cork Rating 200dpi


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