Sally__D0 2Sally is an Australian ‘foodie’ who has been living in Istanbul for  9 years. During this time she has become addicted to the energy of the city and is enticed by the potential for ‘gourmet adventures’ around Istanbul.

Coming from Melbourne, where every possible cuisine and fresh produce is available, everyday and at the highest quality (thanks to the largely immigrant population), she is passionate about food and wine and aims to introduce people to a variety of food experiences here in Istanbul.

With such an array of different ingredients here in Istanbul, sometimes it is hard to know what is what. Let Foodie Frolics help your sift through these unknown ingredients or give you ingredient substitute suggestions so you can make your favourite international dishes. Find out which fresh food markets to go to, discover what is grown seasonally and where to get those hard to find ingredients.

Whether you are a traveler, an expat staying here for an extended period of time or a Turk wishing to explore your palate of taste sensations, Sally and Foodie Frolics can introduce you to the delights of food and all things gourmet! Through food walks, in home cooking classes or perhaps you need an event planner for a dinner party or private soirée, anything is possible and can be personally organised.

With 20 years of experience in organising events in schools and a lifetime of foodie knowledge, why not treat yourself to a gourmet adventure. Let Sally unleash your inner foodie with some Foodie Frolics fun!